When families need a reading boost...

EarlyBird is here to help! In as little as 3 months, we’ve helped children master the reading basics through games.

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EarlyBird was developed and scientifically validated at Boston Children’s Hospital in partnership with faculty at the Florida Center for Reading Research.

How does the EarlyBird program work?

Interactive game for kids 4-9 years old

Kids across the nation agree - this game is fun! Unlike traditional reading intervention programs, EarlyBird is a game, featuring everyone’s friend Pip.

Personalized program with expert support

Families progress through the program with the guidance of a certified EarlyBird Literacy Specialist. The program is personalized for the child's skills.

Activities aligned to the Science of Reading

The dyslexia screener and intervention games are all based on proven methods that work. We did the research so that our program has impact.

The risk of waiting is too high – and reading challenges are preventable!

1 out
of 5

children have reading struggles, while 1/7 children have dyslexia

70% of

with a reading difficulty in Grade 1 will still be behind grade level at Grade 8 without proper intervention

As early as
age 4

Reading issues can be identified as early as age 4 - before children are taught to read

How do families get started?


Child takes the assessment

A certified Literacy Specialists administers the EarlyBird assessment and reviews the results with the parent. They give parents action steps for what to do next.


Child plays Pip School

The child gets started on our reading intervention app, which focuses on phonological and phonemic awareness, vocabulary, and language comprehension.


Parents check-in weekly with a Literacy Specialist

Parents check-in through email or virtual 1:1 sessions with a Literacy Specialist weekly. They also receive weekly reports and guidance.

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Parents see the impact

After 4 months, the child re-takes the EarlyBird assessment. Parents are able to see the impact of the program and determine next steps.

Become a referring partner

We use a research-based, scientifically-tested screener to evaluate children across the country

  • Predicts risk for dyslexia and other reading challenges
  • Personalized reading profile for your child
  • Benchmarked against national reading profiles
  • Currently used in over 25 states across the U.S.

Why Parents Love EarlyBird


"Our first grader was really struggling with reading and scoring below grade level in his school assessments. Our son loved the activities! We were blown away by the level of detail we were provided. This is what we have been searching for!”

— Father of a 1st Grader


“The most exciting thing we have seen is him become excited to read! Before, we had always found it to be a frustrating experience that left us all at wits end, but now it has become enjoyable and shared bonding time over stories. Super happy with Pip School and we have seen an almost unimaginable improvement in the short 5 months or so he has done it”

— 1st Grade Parent


“I love that the program uses the multi sensory approach where my daughter is physically moving the parts. It is so cool to see her gains within the program. She has been doing great in school and is sounding words out really well.”

— Mom of a Kindergartener

An acclaimed game that makes an impact

What are the perks of joining?

We know that helping families is in your DNA. We include several perks for you and the families you refer through this program. They include:
  •   Discounted rates for families in the EarlyBird program
  •   Invitations to special events
  •   Sneak previews of new games and products
  •   Ability to seamlessly work with EarlyBird experts as a team

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